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Transit Development Plan Update: Transit agencies evaluate their Transit Development Plans (TDP) every five years as a prerequisite for the receipt of federal and state funding. The TDP update process provides transit agencies with the opportunity to define public transportation needs, solicit input from stakeholders and the public, identify capital and operational deficiencies, and define courses of action to advance the mission and goals of the transit agency. 

On May 17, 2018 Hinesville City Council adopted the 2018 TDP:

2018 Liberty Transit Development Plan (2018-05-17) final

2018 TDP (appendix)


Road Safety Audit – State Route 196/Elma G. Miles Parkway (Live Oak Church Road to Veterans Parkway)

Based on analysis of crash data, this 1.7 mile road segment stood out with a high crash count when compared to similar roads in our area. At the request of HAMPO, GDOT initiated and completed a road safety audit to document existing corridor conditions and make recommendations to improve safety along the corridor:


HAMPO conducts studies in order to gain a detailed and comprehensive understanding of existing or perceived transportation issues. The goals of these studies are to develop strategies and recommendations that can move the potential projects toward implementation using Federal, State, and Local transportation dollars. For additional information contact Jeff Ricketson.


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