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Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission Contacts

Executive Director

The LCPC Executive Director is responsible for all aspects of the LCPC to include Administrative, Zoning, Engineering, Planning, Transportation, Design & Review, Inspections, Ordinances, and revisions to Ordinances. The Executive Director, at his discretion, may delegate any responsibilities to staff.

Jeff Ricketson
(912) 408-2033


The Executive Assistant is responsible for supporting all departments of the LCPC.

Kelly Wiggins, Executive Assistant
(912) 408-2031


The LCPC Zoning Department is responsible for county-wide land use actions for our eight governmental entities in Liberty County.

Lori Parks, Zoning Administrator – (912) 408-2041
Project Manager for:

  • Walthourville
  • Flemington
  • Midway
  • Liberty County

Maggie Wright – (912) 408-2034

  • Hinesville
  • Town of Allenhurst
  • Gum Branch
  • Riceboro

Comprehensive Planning

The LCPC Planning Department is responsible for all planning activities including updating the Comprehensive Plan.

Jeff Ricketson, Executive Director
(912) 408-2033

Maggie Wright, Planner I

(912) 408-2034 

Development Ordinance Update

Jeff Ricketson, Executive Director
(912) 408-2033

Service Delivery Strategy

Jeff Ricketson, Executive Director
(912) 408-2033


The LCPC Transportation Department is responsible for HAMPO, Highway & Transit Planning, LRTP, Site plan review, and grant administration.

Jeff Ricketson, Executive Director
(912) 408-2033

Liberty Transit

Jeff Ricketson, Executive Director


For information regarding trip schedules, complaints, or general operational information, call Liberty Transit at (912) 877-1472.

Landscaping/Tree Protection

All County-wide Landscape/Tree protection plan reviews are the responsibility of:

Lori Parks, Zoning Administrator
(912) 408-2034


The LCPC Engineering Department is responsible for all review and approvals of drainage and engineering designs, all engineering project filing, and record retention.

Mardee Sanchez, Engineering Director
(912) 408-2035


The LCPC Inspections Department is responsible for insuring compliance with site development regulation during the construction phase for both public and private projects.

Curles Butler, Senior Inspector
(912) 408-2043

Design Review Board

The Design Review Boards are responsible for reviewing proposed designs for new and renovated structures within their defined areas and ensuring that the designs meet all Ordinance requirements. The boards then make recommendations to the appropriate local governments. Currently, there are two Design Review Boards:

  • Hinesville – (Downtown Area)
  • Gateway – Midway, Riceboro & Liberty County (I-95/US 17/US 84)

HinesvilleLori Parks, (912) 408-2034

Liberty Regional Water Resources Council

The LRWRC is responsible to create, through local ordinances, a Regional Water and Sewer Planning Council which will develop a service delivery plan that is integrated with land use plans and decisions that addresses the long range growth of our County.

Mardee Sanchez, Engineering Director
(912) 408-2035