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Proposed UDO Amendments

by on Aug 2, 2023

Public Hearing – UDO Amendments

The Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission (LCPC) will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, August 15th at 4:30PM to receive comments [more…]

LCPC September Newsletter

by on Apr 3, 2023


PUD Amendment 2022-072-LC Public Comments

by on Nov 15, 2022

A request for a PUD amendment was submitted byGM Shay Architects, applicant (Patrick Shay) on behalf of property owner Meredith D. Belford, tocreate a form-based [more…]

Pending Zoning Actions

by on Nov 6, 2015

Pending zoning actions for the September 19, 2023, Planning Commission meeting at 4:30 PM are listed below:
Holmestown Rd-2023-062-LC-Conditional Use
13670 E. Oglethorpe-2023-063-M-Conditional Use
265 [more…]

Hinesville Planning Overview

by on Sep 1, 2015

Hinesville Planning Overview [more…]

Allenhurst Community Meeting 6-23-2015

by on Jun 15, 2015

Allenhurst Flyer 3 [more…]

2016 Walthourville Future Land Use Map

by on May 1, 2015


Walthourville Community Meeting

by on Apr 7, 2015 [more…]