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Road Safety Audit – State Route 196/Elma G. Miles Parkway (Live Oak Church Road to Veterans Parkway)


Based on analysis of crash data, this 1.7 mile road segment stood out with a high crash count when compared to similar roads in our area. At the request of HAMPO, GDOT initiated and completed a road safety audit to document existing corridor conditions and make recommendations to improve safety along the corridor.


FINDINGS: The SR 196/Elma G. Miles Parkway corridor experienced an annual average of more than 105 crashes during the last five years. In particular, the high-speed uncontrolled nature of SR 196 in this area, combined with relatively high driveway densities, a lack of ambient lighting, and incomplete non-motorized facilities, results in a corridor that exhibits an increased risk for crashes with injuries to crash-involved occupants. The signalized intersection located at Veterans Parkway also represents an elevated risk for traffic crashes, particularly due to frequent queuing, relatively high approach speeds, and right-turn channelizing islands implemented with an older deflection angle design.


The report contains numerous recommendations to reduce crashes as summarized on page 29 (conclusions). These are just a few of the recommendation and we will be working to get them implemented.


  • Short term: Repairing damaged sidewalk and signage along the corridor.
  • Intermediate term: Closing driveways within the functional area of the Veterans Parkway intersection.
  • Long term: Implementing a raised median


The State, City and County are addressing the recommendation for sidewalks between Veterans and Airport Road with contracts pending or awarded for construction. Work should be completed by summer of 2018 with cost of about $650,000 with a rough 50/50 cost share between local and state.


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