Comprehensive Planning

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) requires that qualified local governments, meaning local governments that are eligible for grants and assistance, prepare and maintain a comprehensive plan.  The DCA also sets forth the rules by which the plan is to be prepared, known as the “Minimum Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning”.

Liberty County’s current Consolidated Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2016 by Liberty County and the municipalities of Allenhurst, Flemington, Gum Branch, Hinesville, Midway, Riceboro, and Walthourville.  The current plan consists of ten elements:  Demographics, Local Government Description/ Community Goals, Needs and Opportunities, Historic and Cultural Resources, Natural Resources, Housing, Transportation, Character Areas, Land Use, Community Work Program, and Public Participation. The current plan also reflects several updates that were made to the plan in the community work program and land use sections.

The LCPC will be working with Liberty County and all of the municipalities therein to adopt an updated comprehensive plan that adheres to the DCA standards.  Work on the new plan began in 2023 and is expected to be adopted in 2025. For more information on comprehensive planning, including the current Liberty County Joint Comprehensive Plan and the new plan that is in development, please consult the links that are shown below, or contact Jeff Ricketson at (912) 408-2030.

Comprehensive Planning Links