Proposed UDO Amendments

Updated Aug 2, 2023

Public Hearing – UDO Amendments

The Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission (LCPC) will conduct a public hearing on Tuesday, August 15th at 4:30PM to receive comments on proposed amendments to the Liberty County Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). The UDO contains the zoning and subdivision regulations for unincorporated Liberty County and the municipalities of Allenhurst, Flemington, Gum Branch, Hinesville, Midway, Riceboro and Walthourville. The proposed UDO amendments include the following:

  1. Amendment of Article 302 to provide limits on the parking of trucks and trailers over one-ton capacity in residentially-zoned areas. (not applicable in Hinesville)
  2. Amendment of Appendix G to provide a map for the Flemington OC-1 Commercial Overlay District.
  3. Amendment of the following Articles to become compliant with Georgia Chapter 120-3 – Rules and Regulations of the State Minimum Fire Safety Standards:
    • Article 401 – Site Plan Review
    • Article 402 – Parking
    • Article 504 – Subdivision Design and Improvements
    • Article 802 – Abbreviations
    • Article 803 – Definitions
    • Appendices – Add Appendix I – Excerpts from Chapter 120-3

The proposed UDO amendments can be viewed on the LCPC’s website at

The public hearing will be in the Board of Commissioners Boardroom on the second floor of the Liberty County Courthouse Annex. For more information about the proposed UDO amendments, please contact Jeff Ricketson at 912-408-2030 or, or visit

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