RFQ: Engineering Services





The Evaluation Committee met on March 29, 2018 and ranked the RFQ’s as follows:

  1. P.C. Simonton & Associates
  2. T.R. Long Engineering
  3. Thomas & Hutton
  4. Cranston Engineering
  5. Kennedy Engineering & Associates Group
  6. Engineering Design Technologies

We have entered into negotions with the top ranked firm and anticipate City Council considering award on April 19, 2018.

Nils Gustavson, HAMPO April 5, 2018


The following firms submitted proposals by the published deadline and we are in process of evaluation and ranking.

  1. Engineering Design Technologies, Inc.: Anthony Taylor, PHD (tony.taylor@edtinc.net)
  2. Thomas & Hutton: James J. Collins, PE (collins.j@thomasandhutton.com)
  3. P. C. Simonton & Associates, Inc.: Paul C. Simonton, PE  (psimonton@pcsimonton.com)
  4. Kennedy Engineering & Associates Group, LLC: Richard E. Boston, PE (rboston@keagroup.com)
  5. T. R. Long Engineering, P.C.: Trent R. Long, PE (trlong@trlongeng.com)
  6. Cranston Engineering: Mitchell B. Murchison, PE (mmurchison@cranstonengineering.com)

Nils Gustavson, HAMPO March 19, 2018


The CITY OF HINESVILLE is requesting qualifications for engineering services for Associated Transit Improvements generally described as the Main Street/Shaw Road Sidewalk and Downtown Americans with Disabilities Improvements. Primary funding is per section 5307 grants as administered by the Federal Transit Administration and GDOT.

The CITY OF HINESVILLE is responsible for public fixed route bus transit services in three communities within the Hinesville Urbanized Area as funded by Federal, State and local Governments as well as fare box revenue.

The RFQ is available on  http://thelcpc.org/hampo-plans-and-documents/ website; the HAMPO office, 100 N. Main Street, Suite 7520 (Rm 2100), Hinesville, GA 3131, email  ngustavson@thelcpc.org or (912) 408-2035.

RFQ due date is Tuesday, March 13, 2018 at 2 PM at the HAMPO Offices



2018-02-12 5307 Sidewalks RFQ


Key Policies and Standards:

FTA Best Practices Procurement and Lessons Learned Manual 2016

US Access Board Standards – ADA for Right of Way

Manual Driveway and Encroachment Control, GDOT


Registered Proposers:

If you desire to propose, please complete and return the “Acknowledgement of Receipt of RFQ” as shown in the exhibits. Please see the section on submissions for contact information as this is critical for sharing of questions and addenda.

as of 3/5 3:45 PM:

Graylan Quarterman, EDT  (Graylan.Quarterman@edtinc.net)

Fletcher Hawkins, EDT  (fletcher.hawkins@edtinc.net)

Paul Simonton, PS&A  (psimonton@pcsimonton.com)

Raju Shah, RKS&A (raju.shah@rkshah.com)

Cecilia Arango, T&H  (arango.c@thomasandhutton.com)

Richard E. Boston, KEA (rboston@keagroup.com)

Trent Long, TRL (trlong@trlongeng.com)

Amanda Adams, Cranston Engineering (aadams@cranstonengineering.com)


Questions and Answers:

3:45 PM – 3/6/2018: The question period expired March 6th at 1:00 PM. Q&A.7 was the final question logged and answered. RFQs are due by 2:00 PM on March 13, 2018. (Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)

Q&A.7 – 3/5/2018: In the RFQ for the sidewalk projects, are cover and table of contents pages included in the maximum 10 pages?  What about the required forms exhibits B-E?

 As the required RFQ forms are in the RFQ appendix, these can be included in the proposal’s appendix and therefore not count against the ten page limit. See Q&A.6 below for response on cover and table of contents. (3/6/2018: Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)

Q&A.6 – 3/5/2018: On the specified ten page page-count, do the following count toward that total: Cover Letter, General Information Form, or Table of Contents?

The intent of the ten page limit is for the proposal proper and should  include the cover letter. Report cover, general information form, table of contents and/or appendix will not count against the ten page limit. (3/5/2018: Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)

Q&A.5 – 3/5/2018:  Should we include any time in the schedule for review of plans by GDOT or FTA?   Or, will all plan review be at the local level? 

Construction plans are local review only except if an encroachment permit is required form GDOT. There is a 30 day review period for construction contracts by GDOT Transit that can be cleared prior to bid opening. (3/5/2018: Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)

Q&A.4 – 2/26/2018:  On page 7 of 29, under Requirements, Qualifications, it states that “Resumes, example project descriptions, representations and certifications, and example project cost statements may be included as attachments”. Please clarify what are example project cost statements and are they required to be included in the attachments?

Including this material in the proposal is optional (worded as may). The intent of allowing “example project cost statements” is to allow the proposer to indicate to the evaluation committee the firm’s ability to remain within the project budget from notice to proceed to construction closeout.(2/27/2018: Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)

Q&A.3 – 2/22/2018: Estimated length of proposed  sidewalk is 20,000 ft. +/- . If concept level cost estimate exceeds the budgeted amount of $800,000; would the owner consider revising scope of work?

The City will consider reducing the scope if the bids exceeds the allotted funding after bids are received, not at preliminary design.   The plan development process encourages that projects are bid as base bid with alternative additives to manage the financial aspect of the project if the designer is concerned with funding amounts.  (2/22/2018: Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)

Q&A.2 – 2/22/2018: Does the budget of $800,000 includes curb and gutter and needed storm drain work associated with curb and gutter? 

The intent of the project is construct a sidewalk from point A to point B to provide access to the bus stops. Sidewalk grades will be calculated for best fit to edge of pavement, any existing curb and gutter, and/or property line dependent on offsets and ditch locations. The project will include any asphalt concrete, pipe, curb and/or gutter required to provide an ADA compliant path of travel across intersections, driveways or at bus stops.(2/22/2018: Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)

Q&A.1 – 2/20/2018: RFQ 18-01 states that the total budget is not to exceed $800,000. Does this budget cover the preliminary design, bidding phase, construction administration and  the construction cost or is there another budget for construction? 

This is the entire budget for the project including design, bidding, construction administration and construction. This amount does not include HAMPO, City or Liberty Transit costs for staff and their associated indirect costs.   (2/20/2018: Nils Gustavson, HAMPO)